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Karlslund Fjöður Saddle

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Brand: Karlslund
Delivery: 2-4 weeks

The Fjödur saddle is made with a revolutionary new carbon fiber tree, ensuring both a low weight of approx. 5 kg., as well as unique anatomically correct flexibility. The production of many layers of carbon fiber means that it is possible to control the way the saddle moves between the horse and the rider. This achieves a better fit and weight distribution, even during riding, when the shape of horse's back is constantly changing.

The saddle is made with a nice soft seat, in top-quality leather that has really good "grip". It has a medium depth and a rather narrow twist, providing a close contact to the horse, and therefore helps to optimize small impacts on the horse.

The thigh blocks are soft and anatomically designed, so they give the rider a centered position in the saddle, and thus an optimal weight distribution.

The saddle has single-layer saddle flaps, which also contributes to a good and close contact with the horse.

The panels are stuffed with special latex foam in several layers, with different properties. At the bottom towards the horse there is soft material that helps with adjustment and fit, and at the top of the panels, a firmer material that ensures a good weight distribution. The panels are wide, thus providing a large support surface, and plenty of room for the horse's spine with the wide channel.

The saddle is particularly suitable for the short Icelandic back, and by virtue of the angle of the tree, as well as the design of the panels, has a very large shoulder freedom that allows the horse to move freely in the tölt.

The width of the saddle can be changed to 7 different angles, by changing the gullet iron (model A).

The Fjödur saddle has been developed in collaboration with experienced professional riders, as well as one of the leading companies in the development of carbon fiber parts for, among other things, the aviation industry.

Saddle cover included.


  • Anatomical design
  • Special shoulder freedom
  • Exchangeable gullet plates
  • Advanced flexible carbon fiber tree
  • Soft seat
  • Color: Black
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