Karlslund Flóki Saddle

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Brand: Karlslund
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The Flóki saddle has a deep and soft seat, that gives the rider an optimal position, as well as specially designed short and soft knee rolls that give the rider a great support. The seat is waisted and it has good soft thigh rolls. The rider's center of gravity is in the center of the saddle, and the saddle has monoflaps which provide a close contact between horse and rider.

It is made of high quality leather and with latex saddle panels, which adapt to the horse's shape, as well as providing an unsurpassed weight distribution and shock absorption, that protects both the horse's and the rider's back. Latex panels also have the advantage that they do not have to be re-flocked regularly.

The saddle has a large shoulder freedom, which allows the horse to move freely in tölt.

It is made over a flexible saddle tree, that also has particularly good shock absorption and weight distribution characteristics. The gullet iron can be changed and is available in 7 different widths (Model "F").

The saddle has a short contact surface that fits the back of the Icelandic horse very well.

2 long Y girth straps. Saddle cover included. Saddle cover included. This saddle can be special ordered with special knee rolls, colors, etc. Contact us for further information.


Saddle cover included.

Customize your saddle at https://karlslundriding.com/modula and copy/paste the result to us in an email.

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