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A Short Treatise on Shoeing the Icelandic Horse


Icelandic Horses have a few different requirements with shoeing than the standard breeds. In North America the Icelandic Horse is still a rare breed that most ferriers are unfamiliar with. Wolf Beyer has been our ferrier for over 30 years and has lots of experience shoeing Icelandics. He wrote this short treatise on shoeing Icelandics that you can print off and give to your farriers to help them understand the atlerations they will need to make.



For further info here are videos of an Icelandic horse shoeing demo from the 2012 Landsmot in Iceland:

Icelandic Names & Pronunciation


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Mares: A | B | D-E | F | G | H | I-J | K | L-M | N-P | R | S | T-V | Y,Þ,Æ,Ö

Stallions/Geldings: A | B | D | E | F | G | H | I-J | K | L | M-N | O-P | R | S | T-U | V | Y,Þ,Æ,Ö

Names and Pronunciation
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